Make(-up) your move / Make-up Awards / Personal project / 2016

Concept/Photography/Retouching/Animation by Gaynelle


Concept/Make-up by Arianne van Belzen  - Model/Dancer/Choreography by Sharon Oostendorp - Retouching by Dorina van der Graaff



Make-up Artist Arianne van Belzen, model/dancer Sharon Oostendorp and I teamed up to enter the Dutch Make-up Awards 2016. This years theme was related to dance movies and music video clips. We found inspiration in the New Zealand Rugby team, who perform an impressive Haka before each game. When we got an e-mail that our photo was selected our first thought was: Awesome! But how will we ever make that headdress?! For the photoshoot I just duck-taped a buch of feathers to some coffee filters and stuck it onto her head. I did burn my fingers on hot glue, but it turned out great!  Arianne was one of 10 make-up artists to show off her skills during the finals. Sharon and her two dancers gave an amazing performance and I made an animation for the backdrop.